syn.base.a package


syn.base.a.base module

class syn.base.a.base.Base(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: object


Convert the object into a dict of its declared attributes.

May exclude certain attributes by listing them in exclude.


Raise an exception if the object is missing required attributes, or if the attributes are of an invalid type.

syn.base.a.meta module

class syn.base.a.meta.Attr(typ=None, default=None, doc='', optional=False, init=None)

Bases: object

class syn.base.a.meta.Attrs(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: syn.base_utils.dict.UpdateDict

class syn.base.a.meta.Meta(clsname, bases, dct)

Bases: type

syn.base.a.meta.preserve_attr_data(A, B)

Preserve attr data for combining B into A.

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